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What Cabinet/Door thickness is recommended for the tot-lok to work correctly?
Tot-lok will work in almost any door thickness, however it is recommended that cabinet/drawer door be at least ½” and no more than 1-9/16” thick.

Do I need to use all screws when installing the lock assembly to the cabinet door?
Actually a common misconception is that you can get away with installing only (3) or less screws. Actually the tot-lok is perfectly balanced with (2) magnets working together. Always good to have all (4) screws (provided) installed and don’t over tighten.

I have the lock assembly installed correctly, but the key will not open the lock, why?
One of the #1 reasons why the tot-lok key will not open the lock assembly is that many people do not drill the hole deep enough for the lock assembly to work correctly with the key. Please refer to the installation instructions on proper door thickness and required drill depth.

What is the function of the red bar on the lock assembly?
The red unlocking bar will disengage and engage the lock when needed. The special key is not necessary when the red unlocking bar is engaged. Remember to disengage the red bar when you want to lock your cabinets again.

Where can I store my key?
Since the Tot-lok key has a very powerful magnet you will want to store your key in a place that is out of reach of children but still in a place that is accessible. Many consumers like to use it as a powerful refrigerator magnet.

How do I use the tot-lok?
Once installed, it is very simple to use the tot-lok. Simply place the tot-lok magnetic key over the area of where the lock assembly was installed and the magnet will disengage the cabinet door to be opened.

Is retail type packaging available?
Yes… please contact our customer service team for more information. 1-800-626-1126

Does the tot-lok come in any other color besides white?
Yes… we do offer the tot-lok in black, red and brown. A minimum order of 500 required. Please contact our customer service team for more information. 1-800-626-1126

Can the tot-lok be only used on cabinet doors?
Actually the tot-lok will work on any surface including, cabinet door, cabinet drawers, wood, glass, metal, and many other places that you may need to keep items locked up.